Greg Snyder and the Lakota West Marching Firebirds Marched in the 2015 Rose Parade

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Greg Snyder and the Lakota West Marching Firebirds marched down Pasadena’s Colorado Blvd. in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day 2015. The Grandaddy of all parades was viewed in 217 countries (79 countries live) in over 20 languages. The total television reach was more than 75 million viewers worldwide. It was by no accident that the Marching Firebirds followed Singpoli giant golden firebird float!


Lakota West Marching Firebirds Grand Champs at Hamilton


Congratulations to the Lakota West Marching Firebirds and their directors Greg Snyder, Andrew Carr and Tom Racic. They are the Grand Champions of the 38th Annual Hamilton Band-O-Rama! Sweeping each category in Class AA, the Marching Firebirds also won the top award in every overall category: Best Visual, Best Percussion, Best Music, Best Auxiliary and Best General Effects. Congratulations to all!


Lakota West Marching Firebirds Kick Off Season Prep

The Lakota West Marching Firebirds, under the direction of Greg Snyder, has kicked off their preparation for an exciting season. Students were fitted for uniforms and started band camp this week.

uniform fitting

As some students put it, “It’s drills and music-making nearly 24/7, but we love it!” In addition to performing at the football games, the group is preparing to compete in several OMEA competitions this fall, as well as make an appearance at the Buckeye Invitational at Ohio State University.

Greg Snyder Lakota West

In addition to their normal competition season prep, the Marching Firebirds will step it up as they prepare to appear at the esteemed 2015 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.

Greg Snyder Lakota West

Last year, Snyder led the Marching Firebirds to New York City to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, an achievement marked by a proclamation from the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate. In 2008, the Lakota West Marching Firebirds was the first band in Southwest Ohio to earn a spot in the Tournament of Roses Parade.